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Martha's Vineyard Surfcasters
Martha's Vineyard
Surfcasters Association
P.O. Box 3053
Edgartown, MA 02539

IMPORTANT: News Worthy Events

Trustees Deep Six Beach Plan (MV Times, Abigail Rosen, 7/28/22)

CALL TO ACTION #2: Petition to TTOR for management of Norton Point and Chappy beaches.

CALL TO ACTION: TTOR Beach Management Plan Response Needed - Sample Letter Format

MUST READ: MVSA Previous Involvement with TTOR and Beach Management - April 2006

IMPORTANT: TTOR Beach Management Program Review - MUST READ!!!

ASMFC Atlantcis Striped Bass Board Approves Addendum VI. The Addendum reduces all state commercial quotas by 18%, and implements a 1 fish bag limit and a 28”-35”

TTOR to permit OSV travel along the bayside trail to and from Chappaquiddick during the upcoming Derby!!!

PLEASE READ: Awareness of incident at the Windmill House on Chappy...See Something, Say Something

IMPORTANT: Update on Windmill House Access on Cape Poge

President Trump Signs The Modern Fish Act (American Sportfishing Association, January 2, 2019)

Above Average Striped Bass Spawn indicated by Maryland Survey (OnTheWater Staff, October 17, 2018)

Martha’s Vineyard fishermen did the Island proud at the 2017 Massachusetts Saltwater Derby (MV Times, Barry Stringfellow, 2/21/18)

MVSA Annual Banquet is Saturday, January 27th at 1:00p.m. at the Old Whaling Church, Edgartown! Don't miss this great event! Click for all details.

Updated MVSA In-House derby standings as of 10/16/17. Entries seem to be coming in by the hour so check the official board and keep on fishing!

MVSA Angler of the Year Standings Through July 2017!!!! Are you on the board??? Click here for details.

Welcome to the Martha's Vineyard Surfcasters
Association (MVSA) Website.

" encourage the sport of surfcasting; to gather for entertainment and good fellowship; to promote and uphold sound conservation practices and laws, and to see that these laws are properly carried out by members; to further good sportsmanship; and to seek and protect public access to fishing areas on Martha's Vineyard." A. Spofford, 1989


Tide Charts

Wasque Point 
Squibnocket Pt

Striped Bass
Striped Bass
 Atlantic Bonito
Atlantic Bonito
False Albacore
False Albacore 
Spanish Mackerel
Spanish Mackerel

This site is dedicated to those who share the passion of in-shore fishing.  Whether walking the sands of Wasque, navigating the rocks of Squibnocket, or balancing from the jetties of Menemsha, fishing the shores of Martha's Vineyard ignites special feeling for us all. The pursuit of Vineyard game fish is a way of life for generations of Islanders and visitors alike. MVSA members hope the information contained in this site will be useful for both the seasoned and beginner angler. Respect and conservation of our natural resources is paramount in our efforts.

Download Massachusetts Saltwater Recreational Fishing Guide
Courtesy of Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries

Striped Bass

Striped bass is our most sought-after species, providing great sport through catch and release fishing and great eating when you catch a "keeper". Striped bass is one of the largest fish available to the nearshore angler. Fish range from 1 pound to over 60 pounds.

Location: Whole coast surf, inshore bars, reefs, tide-rips, bays and estuaries.
Season: Mid April-October
Baits and Lures: Seaworms, eels, squid, herring; jigs, plugs, spinners, spoons.
Methods and Tackle: Casting from shore, boat-trolling, light to heavy tackle.
Mass. Saltwater Fishing Derby Minimum Weight: 35 lbs.


Bluefish are usually ravenous and will strike at just about anything you give them. Watch out for those teeth! They average around 3-7 lbs along the coast and tend to be larger just offshore in the rips. The juveniles, referred to as "snappers," can be found in the estuaries and are fun to catch with light tackle. In all cases, they put up an excellent fight all the way to your boat or shore.

Location: Whole coast surf, inshore bars, tide rips, bays and estuaries.
Season: June-mid October
Baits and Lures: Strip baits, squid, small jigs, spoons, plugs, flies.
Methods and Tackle: Casting from shore or boat (you may want to use a wire leader) with spin and fly fishing gear, trolling.
Mass. Saltwater Fishing Derby Minimum Weight: 12 lbs.

Atlantic Bonito

Sharpen your reflexes because these small tunas are fast and fun to catch. Watch for feeding schools where there will be jumpers. For a quick identification, look for dark bands running the length of the fish above the lateral line and a silvery belly.

Location: Southern Cape Cod and the Islands, rarely north of Cape Cod.
Season: Late July - October
Baits and Lures: Strip baits, squid, small jigs, spoons, plugs, flies.
Methods and Tackle: Spinning gear, bait casting, light boat rods, trolling, fly fishing
Mass. Saltwater Fishing Derby Minimum Weight: 5lbs.

False Albacore (Little Tunny)

False Albacore are very similar to bonito - fast, fun and sometimes a bit tricky to catch. However, unlike bonito, they make poor table fair.

Location: Mostly warmer waters of the south side of Cape Cod and the Islands.
Season: Late July - October
Baits and Lures: Same as for bonito
Methods and Tackle: Same as for bonito
Mass. Saltwater Fishing Derby Minimum Weight: 12 lbs.

Spanish Mackerel

Description: color of back green, shading to silver on sides, golden yellow irregular spots above and below lateral line; front of dorsal fin black; lateral line curves gently to base of tail.
Similar Fish: cero, S. regalis; king mackerel, S. cavalla.
Where found: INSHORE, NEARSHORE and OFFSHORE, especially over grass beds and reefs.
Size: average catch less than 2 pounds (20 inches).
Remarks: schooling fish that migrates northward in spring, returning to southerly waters when water temperature drops below 70 degrees F; spawns OFFSHORE, spring through summer; feeds on small fish and squid.
MV Derby Countdown

Event StartEvent EndTitle
2/4/2023 12:00 PM 2/4/2023 3:00 PM MVSA Annual Banquet
3/6/2023 7:00 PM 3/6/2023 9:00 PM MVSA March 2023 Club Meeting
4/3/2023 7:00 PM 4/3/2023 9:00 PM MVSA April 2023 Club Meeting
5/1/2023 7:00 PM 5/1/2023 9:00 PM MVSA May 2023 Club Meeting

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